Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Instock Items

* New Spree for Apparels and Accessories @ OCS*

Pouch in Bag

Item Code: 1056
Great for storing little accessories or items in your big bag.
Price: $2.50
Quantity left: 1

Item Code: MR024
Highly recommended by the popoular Taiwanese Beauty Program 女人我最大 for instant pretty curls. Personally I have tried it out myself. Works wonders for my boring straight hair on days I want a make over. Comes 6 in a pack. You can even sleep with it without much discomfort.
Price: $3.50
Quantity left: 3

Beauty Face Towel

Item Code: MR006

This product uses micro fibres that are 250 times smaller than our hair. This aids in cleaning deeper into our facial pores to remove dirts, makeup remanents as well as black heads.
Dimensions: 24 x 24 cm
Price: $3.00
Quantity left: 1

Underwear Hanger

Item Code: Home349

20 branches per piece (Item comes in sets of two = 40 branches)
Dimensions: 15.5 x 14 x 10.5 cm
Price per set: $8.00
Quantity left: 1

From AvriLisTic:

Bibu Bag collection: (5% discount)

Bibu Bibu is one of the popular bag brands in Japan. Imported from Japan.

Item Code: 1203A
Measurements: 16×33×12
Material: Synthetic Leather
Price: SGD36.90
Colour: White / Yellow
Quantity Avail: 2

Item Code: 1206A
Measurements: 16×30×12
Material: Synthetic Leather
Price: SGD36.90
Quantity Avail: 2

Item Code: 4103E
Measurements: 16×28×12
Material: Canvas
Price: SGD27.90
Quantity Avail: 2

Item Code: 9406S
Measurements: 17×24×12
Material: Canvas
Price: SGD20.00
Quantity Avail: 3

Item Code: 9408S
Measurements: 24×42×13
Material: Canvas
Price: SGD27.90
Quantity Avail: 2


Item Code: AS40087
Price: SGD 20.90
Colours: As shown in picture
Size: S ~ 26" waist / M ~ 27-28" waist
Material: Denim
Quantity: 1S and 1M
Belt's included

Item code: 30601A
Colour: Black
Material: Cotton
Size: M
Price: SGD 29.90

Item Code: AS30364A
Price: SGD 35.90
Colours: Green Blue
Size: Free
Material: Cotton
Quantity: 1
Sold at $59.90 in retail shops. Kept one for myself!

Item Code: AS30368A
Price: SGD 22.60
Colours: Orange Print
Size: Free
Material: Cotton
Quantity: 1

Item Code: AS30380
Price: SGD 28.90
Colours: Black
Size: Free
Material: Lycra + Chiffon
Quantity: 1
Own one myself. Skirt's totally smashing!

Item: Stylish Capri
Price: SGD 27.90
Colours: Brown
Sizes: S (1)/M (1)
Material: Soft felt
Bought one myself. Love the feel of the fabric.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Orders Update

Dear all,

Thank you for your patience so far with regards to the last spree with us. We would like to inform all buyers that our forwarder projected our cargo arrival date to be around 16 - 17 July.
All will be informed via email once we collected it.

We will improve on our preorder and shipment speed for the next round onwards.